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Full text of "The Multipurpose Chinantec Word "ja""

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Paragraph Analysis for Amatlln Zapotee 1 

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Participant Accessibility in Yalalag Zapotee 12 

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A Focus Particle in Quioquitani Zapotee 26 

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Fronting and Related Features in Santo Domingo Albarradas Zapotee 33 

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Clause and Sentence-Level Word Order and Discourse Strategy 

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A Chinantec Fable lU 

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The Multipurpose Chinantec Word "ja*" 122 

Jim Rupp 

A publication of the Mexico Branch of the Summer Institute of Linguistics, 
Inc., designed for the publication and distribution of data oriented or 
preliminary reports in linguistics and related fields. Copies may be 
obtained from the Linguistics Coordinator, Summer Institute of Linguistics, 
P.O. Box 8987 CRB, Tucson, AZ 85738-0987 or from el Institute LingBIstico 
de Verano, Apdo. 22067, 14000 Mexico, D.P.